Here at The Signal, we love providing free content to our listeners, but charging nothing for our episodes doesn't go a long way toward helping to keep the lights on and the servers running...

Therefore, we ask for any voluntary donations our subscribers would be willing to put forward, BUT with that said, we don't expect you to give without giving nothing back.

That's why we offer several levels of subscription, each with their own unique perks!

Donation tiers


($2 per month)

Every penny counts, and for just $2 a month, we're more than happy to provide you with early access to every episode of The Signal! Once you begin donating, you will receive a link to where you can listen to each episode 3 days before the rest of the world gets a chance!


($5 per month)

In addition to getting your episodes 3 days early, donors that give an additional $3 a month will ALSO get exclusive access to BONUS EPISODES that are either only publicly available for a limited time, or which won't be made public at all! Definitely the best value for your money.


($10 per month)

Combining all the value and bonuses of our other 2 donation tiers, the BEACON level will earn you a special degree of personal acknowledgment... Donors giving $10 a month will be featured on our 'CONTRIBUTORS' page with an image and alias of their choosing, and if they want, even a link to their own projects (if appropriate).

donation options


A monthly donation is the easiest, fastest, and best way to support The Signal! For a small monthly fee, you can help us keep bringing the world the same great programming you all love.

A monthly donation provides us with a steady stream of revenue, and is easier on your wallet in terms of month-to-month charges!


One-time donations are always welcome, and we're always more than happy to express our gratitude on-air to particularly generous donors!

Unlike monthly or yearly donations, one-time donations DO NOT reoccur, so there's no strings attached.